This label is about the musicians. 
They do the hard work and we think they are entitled to retain the rights to their music, their royalties and get the money from the sales.

The music you find here is not for sale anywhere else. There are no aggregators, distributors and online retailers in the way. The musicians are in control.
We invite independent artists around the world to do the same, sell their own music by themselves and get their power back!


The albums are sold as digital downloads.
When you buy an album you receive a zip folder containing the mp3 files of the songs and the jpg of the cover.
Before you can listen to the music, you'll need to "unzip" the folder:
- On computers double-click to open the zip folder.
- On phones and tablets you need to install iZip, WinZip or a similar application before you download the album.  Click on the button to download the How-To Guide.

how-to guide


» Artist: Doorstop Dummies 
» Album: 8 tracks
» Francis Gorini: voice, acoustic guitar & bass
» Alex Reeves: drums & percussions
» Composed & produced: Francis Gorini 
» Genre: acoustic
» Released: 05/09/2017
» D09 
» £5.00 (digital download)  

doorstop Dummies

» Artist: Doorstop Dummies 
» Album: 7 tracks
» Francis Gorini: voice & acoustic guitar
» Composed & produced: Francis Gorini 
» Genre: acoustic
» Released: 09/02/2017
» D08 
» £6.50 (digital download)  

Introducing the black Crayon Theatre

» Artist: The Black Crayon Theatre 
» Album: 10 tracks
» Andy Hogan: voice, acoustic guitar  & backing vocals
» Sean Casey: electric guitar, percussions & base
» Sara Meci: violin, cello, trumpet & backing vocals
» Amy Ruff: piano, clarinet & backing vocals
» Composed: Andy Hogan - Produced: Francis Gorini  
» Genre: folk/songwriter
» Released: 26/09/2016
» D07
» £7.00 (digital download)    

a different view

» Artist: Done
» Album: 10 tracks
» Francis Gorini: guitar & effects 
» Pete Scott: cello & effects
» Composed & produced: Francis Gorini & Pete Scott
» Genre: noise/ambient 
» Released: 11/11/2015
» D06
» £7.50 (digital download)    

everything is going to be fine

» Artist: Done
» Album: 19 tracks
» Francis Gorini: electric guitar & theremin
» Pete Scott: piano, synthesisers, noise box & drum machine
» Genre: noise/ambient 
» Released: 03/12/2014
» D05 
» £7.50  (digital download)