london mixing studio

We offer analogue and digital mixing, mastering and vocal recording through our London Mixing Studio. For more info visit



Mixing on a high-end analogue console is the best way to turn your recording into a commercial release. Tape machines, valve compressors and EQs, professional software, high-end reverbs and our experience, all at your disposal. We love to combine analogue and digital together and take advantage of the best of both worlds. You will love it too.



Digital gives us transparency and flexibility and analogue adds that warmth and punch musicians are always looking for. We take advantage of the best of both worlds, combining them together to get the best out of your mix.


vocal recording

You are looking for a relaxed and quiet environment to deliver your best performance. When you work with us you talk to a professional singer who has been where you are, not just to a sound engineer. We understand the time you need to prepare, when you need to rest, when you need to be left alone and when you need help.



Do you need to set up your music studio, learn how to mix, learn how to promote your music or sell your album? We can help you to start and develop your music business and improve your production skills.



One Knob Series

Note: Our plug-ins were available to the public a long time before a very well known plug-in developer was releasing a similar product with the same name. We are not associated with them in any way.

These plug-ins have only one control setting and that makes them really easy and fun to use but the final result depends on the music content. They are ideal for musicians, composers, DJs. They are not meant to be for the professional sound engineer who normally wants more control over an effect.

On this page you also find some nice reverb impulse responses. All free.


One Knob Compressor + One Knob Exciter + One Knob Reverb

For best results we strongly suggest to read the “Read me” file included with the download. Win only.


Impulse response reverb files

 96kHz/32bit stereo wav format.  Simulations of real spaces.